• High Frequency/Sight Words

    These words will be introduced throughout the year in Kindergarten.


    we, the, like, a, see, go, to, have, is, play, are, for, you, this, do, and, what, little, said, here, was, she, he, has, look, with, me, my, where

    (Curriculum Words)

    the, in, he, as, at, of, is, was, with, be, and, you, for, his, this, a, that, on, they, have, to, it, are, I, from, or, but, we, there, she, one, not, when, use, do, had, what, your, an, how, by, all, can, each, their, words, were, said, which, if, will, many, some, him, two, up, then, her, into, more, other, them, would, time, write, about, these, make, has, go, out, so, like, look, see, number, my, called, find, get, no, than, who, long, come, way, first, oil, down, made, could, water, sit, day, may, people, been, now, did, part, over, little, live, very, name, new, work, me, after, good, sound, know, back, things, sentence, take, place, give, our, man, only, years, most, just, think, say, much, means, boy, also, great, before, old, follow, around, where, line, any, came, form, help, right, same, want, three, through, too, tell, show, small, set, well, such, ask, land, put, large, because, went, different, end, must, turn, men, home, does, big, here, read, us, another, even, why, need, move, try, change, away, letter, still, kind, off, animal, mother, learn, hand, play, house, answer, should, picture, spell, point, found, America, again, air, page, study, world 

    (Rainbow Words)