• Health 7th/8th

    There will be a text book for your health class. You are asked to take good care of your book. Any damage or loss of book will result in a fine or cost of the book.

    Supplies for Health class: Bring daily

    1. Health book

    2. Folder with handouts and notes

    3. Notebook or paper to write on

    4. Pencil or Pen

    No Hall Passes will be given for forgotten materials! Forgotten material will result in a unexcused Tardy. Three tardies equal a detention.

    Classroom Rules and Procedures:   Make good choices!!!

    1. Show respect to all- treat yourself and others with respect. Show yourself and others courtesy and respect. Hateful comments of any type will not be tolerated- whether or not you are “just joking”. Inappropriate physical contact of any kind is also not permitted. 

    2. Stay on task-use time wisely. Do not walk around during class unless directed to do so. Have everything you need ready before class begins. Use time given for you to work efficiently.

    3. Bring all materials to class every day. You cannot learn unless you come prepared to learn.

    -Be in your assigned seats when the bell rings, with materials ready to go.

    -No food or drinks in the classroom. Water only!

    -Do not touch anything in the room that is not yours or that you do not have permission to use.



    You must have a pass to leave the room and to enter the room if you are late.



    -Always know what your assignment is and when it is due.

    -Assignments must have a name on it for credit. Right Hand corner with assignment name also in right hand corner. No name or I cannot read it I will throw it away!

    -Assignments must be turned in on time. If it is late you will receive ½ credit

    -Make-up work given- you will have 3 days to complete or you will be given a 0. You must give a make-up slip. I will not ask for it!