• SSC- Physical Education

    7th/8th Grade


    Dress requirements:

    1.  Athletic shoes- clean non-marking for indoor gym use only and a separate pair for outdoor use only. You may not use street shoes on the gym floor and will not be allowed to participate in socks only.


    2. Shorts, t-shirt, socks for gym (sweats or sweatshirt for outside when it is colder).

    3. Your own towel, shower necessities and deodorant. 


      4. Gym clothes should be laundered weekly.

      5.  Most jewelry should be removed for safety.


      Lockers are assigned in the locker rooms. You may purchase your own lock or put a deposit down for $5.00 to get one from the school to use during the year. Your deposit will be returned when the lock is returned. The locker number and combination must be recorded with the teacher. It is recommended to have your things locked up in the locker rooms. If you do not, please do not leave any valuables. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items! 

      Basic Rules:

      After dressing we will meet inside the gym in your squads until instructed to begin your warm-up or jog outside to the athletic field and meet in your squads until further instruction.

    1. Listen, follow directions, and participate in all exercises with appropriate behavior.

    2. Respect others and their property.

    3. Take proper care of the equipment, help set it up and put it away.

    4. Help others and cooperate.

    5. Be a good sport.

    6. Wear proper attire for class.

    7. Students are to stay in the locker rooms or the hallway by the library until the bell rings. Do not go past the water fountain.

    8. When outdoors, students are to stay off private property. We walk/jog behind the church in the alley to the athletic field.



    1. You may earn 5pts. Daily. Must be dressed in order to receive any points. 

    2. If you are absent for any reason you are required to complete an alternate assignment. It is due the next day. It will not be accepted late for any reason.