• HLO- Physical Education


    Dress requirements:

    1.  Athletic shoes- clean non-marking for indoor gym use only and a separate pair for outdoor use only. You may not use street shoes on the gym floor and will not be allowed to participate in socks only.

    2.  Shorts, t-shirt, socks for gym (sweats or sweatshirt for outside when it is colder). No cut off t-shirts.

    3. Your own towel, shower necessities and deodorant. 

      4. Gym clothes should be laundered weekly.

      5. Most jewelry should be removed for safety.



    1. You may earn 5 pts daily. If you do not change your clothes and participate you will receive a 0.

    2.  You will need to complete a written assignment to earn you points for Phy. Ed if you have an excused absence. It must be completed within two days of your absence or it will not be accepted. You will earn only 3 points. Unexcused absence will result in a zero.