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Revised Student Cell Phone Policy

Multiple research studies conclude that cell phones and other electronic devices (Ipods, MP3 players etc.) are distracting to students (both the owners and those around them) in the classroom.  More specifically, technology distractions from phones and other devices impede focus and retention of information resulting in lower test scores and lower academic achievement.  At HLO high school, we are committed to providing our students with abundant opportunities and the best conditions or environment in which to learn and achieve their goals.  Additionally, cell phone use is a privilege in the school building during the school day.  One of our goals at HL-O is to teach proper cell phone etiquette, responsible use, and respect of others. Therefore, the following additions are being proposed to the current cell phone policy.

  • Any students failing any class (on the failing list) will not be allowed to have their cell phone during school hours. Phones will need to be dropped off at the main office PRIOR to the first bell signaling the start of the school day.  They may be picked up from the office AFTER the dismissal bell. 
  • Cell phones turned into the office will be placed in a holder with the students name on it. Only the student whose name is on the holder and/or their parent will be allowed to pick up the phone from the office.
  • Students on the failing list who do not turn in their cell phone and are caught with a cell phone during the school day will be required to turn the device into the office immediately. Additionally, they will lose the privilege of possessing their cell phone during school hours for an additional week or 5 school days whichever is greater for each violation.
  • Refusal to turn in the cell phone as requested by ANY staff member will result in the student’s parent(s) being called to pick up the cell phone. This will be treated as a violation and result in the same additional 5 day loss of cell phone privileges.  Additional consequences resulting from disrespect and/or other behaviors toward staff members requesting the phone may also be applied. 
  • Students who receive a failing grade for a grading period (one quarter grade) will lose the privilege of cell phone possession for the first two weeks of the next quarter.
  • Students whose phones are in the office due to this policy, who need to use their phones during the school day, may request permission to do so from office staff during NON-CLASS TIME (lunch periods and between classes ONLY). Use of the phone will be limited to the office area.  NO phones in the care of office staff will be allowed outside of the office until the final bell of the day; unless the student leaves school early for an excused absence.  This is for emergency purposes only.  No snaps, games, Facebook, etc.