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Heron Lake Caring Connections

Heron Lake Caring Connections Facebook Page


Page address:


About the Page:

This is an outreach group for individuals and families in the Heron Lake area. We are a small town with a big heart!

You may list FREE items, or ask for a extra help with free items! You are encouraged to also Private Message Lisa Jean with your requests and she will post them anonymously. No judgments allowed. Everyone struggles at some point. Please be open minded! 

This is the perfect group to give back, pay it forward, and lend a helping hand! We will work hard to provide resources to those who are in need! There will be many items posted for free in hopes to give back to those in our community. 



A Message from Lisa Jean Smith:

I am grateful to be able to create this group as a way to help people in our community to thrive. I have a heart for wanting to help others.

I am also doing this in memory of my husband Lenny. Lenny was grateful for and loved the Heron Lake he called home. Many people probably didn’t know that as a child, Lenny’s family struggled to survive on a daily basis. The stories I heard about their life growing up made me even more aware of how important it is to help others. The one thing their family did have was a faith in God to get them through.

I am hoping through creation of this page we can be a blessing to others and lift each other up in doing so.


Group Guidelines for Heron Lake Caring Connections:

Be Respectful-

No judgement allowed. Everyone struggles at some point. Please be open-minded. Rude comments will result in being removed from this group.
Respect Everyone's Privacy-
Being part of this group requires mutual trust. What's shared in the group should stay in the group. No sharing members private information.
Anonymous Requests-

Please private message Lisa Jean and she will post your request anonymously.

All items that you list in this group must be for FREE/ give away. Please do not try and sell any items or products. This is NOT a for sale site.
Items you Need must be for Members in your Family-
Items you receive must be for you or members in your household- not a friend, cousin, or others not living in your home. Exceptions are made if you are legal guardian or are a foster parent or if a parent is incarcerated.
If you make arrangements to pick up an item it is expected you follow through. If for some reason you cannot follow through contact the person directly.
Reselling Items-
No reselling items that were given to you from members in this group for free.
NO Go fund me links or asking for money.
This includes sharing PayPal, Venmo, usernames go fund me or fundraising sites to be shared. No wish lists! 
NO advertising, promoting businesses-
NO advertising, promoting or trying to sell products from any businesses! We do not allow the sale of anything in this group. Everything listed must be for free.