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Fuel Your School at Hy-Vee

2020 was an extremely challenging year for all, and the impact on educators and students is unfathomable. Hy-Vee is excited to announce a special initiative to provide some much needed support to our local schools.


Hy-Vee is pledging $75,000 to support the needs of teachers and students across our eight-state region in response to the impact of the pandemic on local education. With your cooperation, your Worthington Hy-Vee wants to help local schools possibly receive up to $5,000 of support.


During Hy-Vee’s Fuel Your School promotion, winning customers will choose which schools will receive a portion of Hy-Vee’s $75,000 donation of cash and supplies. Here’s how the promotion works:

  • Between January 4th–31st, Hy-Vee customers are invited to shop select brands in-store and online and use their Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks card at checkout. For every qualifying purchase, the customer will receive one entry into our Fuel Your School drawing.

Brands Included

  • Hy-Vee Health market
  • Topcare
  • Full Circle
  • Fish Market
  • Shortcuts
  • Overjoy
  • True Chicken
  • Tippy Toes Baby Food
  • Performance Inspired
  • Hy-Vee Rotisserie Chicken (whole/breast)
  • Dilusso Salads
  • Dilusso Meats
  • Dilusso Cheeses
  • Healthy HMR (Commissary)


  • The first week of February, Hy-Vee will randomly select 55 winners across its eight-state region.
    • 50 winners will win various prizes along with $1,000 to be awarded to a school of their choice.
    • 5 grand prize winners will receive up to $500 in prizes with $5,000 awarded to the school of their choice. Additionally, Hy-Vee will provide Hy-Vee KidsFit silicone bracelets to the entire school of their choosing.