Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Heron Lake – Okabena is on a semester system with a seven period day. For each semester course taken and passed the student will earn one half of a credit, a two semester course will yield one credit. The students will be required to take a minimum of six credits a year. Students who fail a required course should make arrangements for repeating the course. Failure to make up required courses will jeopardize a student's graduation. Credits for failed elective courses must also be made up.

Incomplete Course Grade

When students receive an incomplete grade the deadline for making up the incomplete grade is the Friday of the 2nd week of the next quarter [or 10 school days after the end of the quarter]. Incomplete grades that are not made up will result in failure of the course and loss of credit.

High School Students must have a total of 24 credits to graduate.

[52 credits- 2017, 38 credits-2018 due to the changes in schedule, total credits vary]

Students are required to take credits within certain disciplines, but the student is free to choose the course to satisfy that requirement. Once the required credits are completed, any further courses taken in these disciplines would qualify as electives.

*Students requesting credits from an outside source must get pre-approval from the administration. PSEO students are responsible for reporting credits they want transferred. Students must pass all State of MN Testing Requirements prior to the end of their senior year and take a onetime CPR/AED training.

A senior student will not be allowed to go through the graduation ceremony unless he/she has completed all the requirements of the state and local school board.

Class rank is determined by cumulative GPA in all classes taken. Honor Cord GPA is established at the end of the third quarter of the senior year.



Course Credits Required

In order to receive a diploma, students must successfully complete at least 24 high school credits and comply with the following high school level course requirements:

High School Level Courses Required for Graduation


Subject Area



Language Arts





Algebra II is required to graduate. A career and  technical education course may fulfill a mathematics credit.




Must include a credit of biology. Students must have 1 credit in chemistry or physics. An agricultural science or a career and technical education course may fulfill a science credit.


Social Studies


Must include credits in United States history, geography, government and/or citizenship, world history, and economics.




This could be band, choir, general music or art class.




Must have PE and Health credits, CPR


Students with an individualized education program, Section 504 accommodation plan, or limited English proficiency needs may be eligible for testing accommodations, modifications, and/or exemption.

For additional information, see the Administration.