Terri Stenzel

Spanish Teacher

Phone: 507-853-4507 ext. 1115

Email: terri.stenzel@isd330.org

Courses Taught:

Spanish 1 - Periods 2 & 3

Spanish 2 - Period 1

Methodology - I use TPRS and CI in my classroom. TPRS is Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling, CI is Comprehensible Input. 

The goal is for students to "acquire" language similar to how they acquired English. We will focus our class time on the acquisition of high frequency structures; between 3-6 new target structures each week. Students will learn more than this, but they will only be assessed on the target structures. We will use these structures in class discussions, stories, and cultural explorations. Students will be expected to recognize them when reading and hearing them. In time students will use the learning targets  when speaking and writing.

Grading will be proficiency based in the 4 skill based categories of listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Assessments will be worth 10 points for simplicity and assessed as follows:

 A   9.5  Distinguished  EXCEEDS Expectations

 B   8.5   Meets Expectations

 C   7.5   Approaching expectations

 D   6.5   Below expectations

 F     5.5  No progress

0 points given if nothing has been attempted


Websites & Apps

Sr Wooly -   senorwooly.com

Duolingo - free app

Quizlet - quizlet.com

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Terri Stenzel


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